Precision Weighing Machines

Precision weighing machines are used for accurate weighing with very less error range. Typical applications are in jewellery and other precious commodities.

Product Specification
Model Platform Size Strength Capacity Major Minor
635 x 580mm 375kg 300kg 300kg x 10kg 10kg x 100gm
780 x 705mm 750kg 500kg 500kg x 20kg 20kg x 100gm
985 x 905mm 1250kg 1000kg 1000kg x 50kg 50kg x 200gm


Vibrating steel yard, no loose weight, clear graduations on Stainless Steel inclined index plate, main poise on steel rollers cannot travel beyond zero. Steel notch protects bar. Notches accurately cut by special machinery. Tumbler locking device Minor poise slides on a rigid brass index bar.

The lever system enclosed in a strong cast iron frame is capable of withstanding loads for excess of rated capacity. The cast iron platform is mounted on ball bearing seated in beds on the stool to provide universal motion and avoid undue wear of the inter-changeable, hardened, steel knife edges & bearings which are easily replaceable when required.

About Us

Metric Scales was started in 1979 and has been serving and providing weighing solutions for the past three decades.

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Metric Scales has been one of the forerunners in providing Weighing solutions and was one of the few Innovators to accept and adapt to the Electronic Invasion in the Mechanical Weighing Era.


Metric Scales prides itself with more than 5,000 retail customers across the country, apart from that some big name clients like L &T, Audco, Chennai Port Trust & I.S.R.O.


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