Mechanical Weighing Machines

The conventional machines even today sought after for thier sturdiness and reliability. Nowadays, customers ask us to add on electronic displays to their long lasting mechanical ones.

Semi Self Indicating Visible Scale:
S.No Capacity CHARTS Direct Reading Centre Zero with Light and Heavy Reading
1 3 kg 0-200 gm.* 1 gm Centre 0-100 gm. * 1 gm.
2 5 kg
3 10 kg 0-1 kg * 5 gm Centre 0-500 gm. * 5 gm.

Self Indicating Visible Scale:
S.No Capacity Chart Division
1 1 kg 0 to 1 kg 5 gm.
2 2 kg 0 to 2 kg 10 gm.

Special Features :

Manufactured as per CSI specifications and weights and measures regulations.

Large dials designed for easy and error free reading on both sides for buyer and seller.

Dash-pot for quick and steady reading.

Leveling feet with spirit level for easy installation and accurate weighing.

Stainless steel/brass pans as per choice.

About Us

Metric Scales was started in 1979 and has been serving and providing weighing solutions for the past three decades.

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Metric Scales has been one of the forerunners in providing Weighing solutions and was one of the few Innovators to accept and adapt to the Electronic Invasion in the Mechanical Weighing Era.


Metric Scales prides itself with more than 5,000 retail customers across the country, apart from that some big name clients like L &T, Audco, Chennai Port Trust & I.S.R.O.


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